Tue, Jul 13 | Dart Wars

Among Us Night (July 13th) - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Similar to the popular online game, Dart Wars brings you the fun of Among us to the ENTIRE store (not just the arenas). There will be Traitors, Innocents, The Detective and other fun Players.
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Among Us Night (July 13th) - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Time & Location

Jul 13, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Dart Wars, 5850 Championship View, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, USA

About the Event

Among Us (or Trouble in Traitor Town) is an exciting challenge for those looking for something a little bit different. There will be a number of “Traitors” hidden amongst the players trying to eliminate everyone. Don’t trust anyone. The game starts by everyone picking a card that will have their role whether it be Innocent, Traitor, Detective, or some variation. Players will keep their roles secret. Traitors will be allowed to secretly identify each other when it begins. Everyone will scatter throughout the building (Yes, the entire building. You aren’t limited to the arenas for this game. Most of our facility will be open for you to play in.) and the game begins. Whoever’s left standing at the end wins whether it be Traitors or Innocents. Play smart. Don’t let people sneak up on you. And most importantly, don’t trust anyone.


o Detective – The only player with an upgraded blaster. After a player is eliminated, you may “examine” them and find out their role.

o Innocent – You are just trying to survive. Don’t trust your fellow players. You never know when they’ll shoot you in the back.

o Traitor – You need to try to secretly eliminate everyone else without being discovered before it’s too late. Try to get people to trust you until you get your opening.

o Role variants – We have different variation on these roles and more to help mix up the game. These roles give players different abilities such as converting others to your team, reviving yourself, or stealing other’s roles. They will be described in-store when you come in to play.


o To help keep the game fair. Everyone will use a similar spring powered blaster such as the Kronos, Takedown, or Saturn. If you don’t have a blaster like one of these, a blaster will be provided for you.

o Only the Detective will get to use a battery powered blaster.

o Innocents beware!!! To keep players from randomly shooting other players, if you shoot another Innocent, you will be relegated to using a blaster from our free section such as the Proton or Firestrike on the next round. This could put you at a severe disadvantage.

Registration is Closed

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