Tue, Sep 07 | Dart Wars

Extreme Night (Sept 7th) - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Extreme Night is back! For those Players 13 years and older.
Registration is Closed
Extreme Night (Sept 7th) - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Time & Location

Sep 07, 2021, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Dart Wars, 5850 Championship View, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, USA

About the event

Extreme Night is for anyone (Ages 13+) in the Nerf community looking for a more competitive experience. 

Below will list the full set of unique rules that set this night apart from our Day Play experience.

· FPS Limit – 180 FPS

· Ammo

o We will provide full length elite darts, rival balls, mega darts, and disks for you to use. You may bring in your own darts (including half-length darts and blowgun darts) to be used for the event. It will be your responsibility to pick up any ammo you bring in or it will be considered Dart Wars property.

· Blasters

o Dart Wars will continue to provide our standard selection of blasters though it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you bring in your own equipment. Personal heavily modified blasters will outperform our selection.

· Armor

o Due to high accuracy of blasters and arena size, armor allows for a second chance to stay in the game when you would otherwise be quickly eliminated.

o Any sufficiently padded or plated clothing including, but not limited to, vests, helmets, full face shields, protective padding for sparring, etc. can count as armor. Non padded sections of clothing or printed armor designs on non-padded clothing does not count as armor.

o Getting hit in an armored section will allow you to reset at your team’s starting back wall and get back in the game one time. Any subsequent hits, regardless of location, will cause an elimination. Getting hit in an un-armored spot is an immediate elimination even if you haven’t been hit in the armor yet.

o Hits from Mega darts bypass armor and result in an immediate elimination.

o Any armor located from elbows to fingertips and from knees to ends of toes are immune to MELEE hits.

· Shields

o Shields can allow you to set up better positions up field and can keep you safe from incoming fire. Having a shield does NOT make you immune. Grenades exists that can still eliminate you even when using a shield.

o Dart Wars provides 2 small shields that start in center field and are available to use during rounds.

o You can bring in personal shields for this night. They must be no bigger than 4’ 6” by 2’ 6”.

o Shields are immune to elite and mega darts, disks, rival balls, and melee.

o If a grenade hits you or your shield while you are actively using it as cover, you will be immediately eliminated. Throwing your shield away from yourself to block a grenade is not allowed.

· Grenades

o Grenades allow you to eliminate players with shields. You may only target shielded players with grenades. They will not count if used on bunkers or non-shielded players.

o Dart Wars does NOT provide any grenades. You must bring in your own and collect them before leaving.

o Once a grenade is used, it may NOT be picked up to be used again for the rest of the round.

o Grenade types include padded spherical or cylindrical thrown objects, Zing bows, tennis ball launchers, or any Nerf brand or off brand “grenade” launcher such as the under barrel on the Demolisher.

o When targeting shielded players, you must aim your grenade for the player’s shield. If a player attempts to move the shield and take the hit themselves, they are still eliminated.

· Melee

o While we will have melee specific game modes, melee weapons may be used during any game mode.

o Dart Wars will provide a selection of basic melee weapons. You may bring in your own melee weapons, but they must be sufficiently padded as to not cause harm.

o Throwable melee weapons are NOT allowed. Throwing your melee weapon at a player will not count.

o DO NOT swing melee weapons over bunkers or through bunker windows. It will not count if you hit a player this way.

o Please be kind to your fellow players and DO NOT swing hard at people. It only takes a light tap to eliminate your opponent.

o Impact zones on melee weapons are the part of the weapon that you can hit other players with.

o Melee swords, maces, or axes may have the impact section be up to 40” in length. These weapons may be used with a shield.

o Any melee weapon longer than 40” is considered a spear. Only the final 12” at the end of the weapon will be considered an impact zone for the spear. Spears are not allowed to be used with shields.

o Whips are allowed but must be constructed out of a soft rope like material that does not easily tightly wrap itself around objects. Para cord and other thin ropes are not allowed to be used for whips. Only the end of the whip counts as an impact zone.

o Melee hits do not count on any armored location on a person from the elbow to fingertips and from the knee to ends of toes.

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